Wednesday, October 29


Knock Knock
Who's there?
Twin Mattress
Klarisa and I left on Sunday evening after all day services
to go get Kimberly.
From San Marcos.
We got there late, ate, and stayed up late.

We loaded her stuff up in the truck,
then went to their apartment to do a few
last minute things before we took her back
to Freeport for the week.

Guess who got an apartment on the third floor?
Guess who carries just one load of stuff up to that apartment?

Ate at Denny's.
If you haven't had red velvet pancake puppies.....
get some.
10 of them, at least.

Just a few things for her kitchen.....
the beloved glass pitcher, her cupcake picture....and the pig jar.

Good-bye for the week, David.
Yes David, we will bring her back.
As planned.

Shower on Tuesday.....this is Kimberly's favorite dessert.
It's the jello-cream cheese-strawberry-pretzel dessert.

Kelly friends.

Spent the rest of the week shopping and shopping and shopping.
We even bought stuff once in a while.

Ate at Panda's.
Not bad.
I prefer a buffet when it comes to this type of food,
that way I can avoid HUGE chunks of green pepper.

Kimberly played piano one last Wednesday.
It was good to hear.

Honestly, I wonder how some people EVER come out of
one of these places.  Too many choices. 

This was an easy choice.
Why not purple, Chinese, duck shoes?
They went perfect with the dress.

Kimberly said this to me every time we went somewhere.
New Mexico or Clute.
Even though she knew I wasn't driving......



Rebecca said...

I'm soooooooo confused. Is this before or after the wedding????

Leslie Berridge said...

I can't wait to read the wedding post!! So happy for you guys! And especially David and Kimberly. San Marcos David? SMD?

Michele McEntire said...

Rebecca.....this was the week before the her on Monday, went back on Friday for the wedding.....Leslie, we call him David San Marcos.....