Monday, September 15

It was Monday alrighty......

I only like before and after pictures.....
if they don't involve ME
being embarrassed.
My gardens have been neglected.
I LOVE to garden,
but I don't like to feel like
I need to call out the
National Guard
for help.
I like to keep up on things.
I failed my gardens this summer.
Things got WAY out of hand......
we had a rainy, rainy, the weeds have been quite happy,
and quite busy.
This is the second pair of gloves I had on today. 
The first ones were pathetic.
These are the ones that got blood on them.
I was outside from around 9 until 5?
Yes, I took breaks.
One pretty long one when Roy Rogers came on.....
and ice cream was in my bowl.

I swept, tidied everything up.

I pulled weeds and carted them to the sidewalk pile.
I put rabbits in better places.

And, I pinched my finger between
two of these scalloped bricks....
that it bled.
My finger literally popped on the end.
I took a break then, too.
I've been flower gardening and doing yard
stuff since we moved here over 24 years ago.
I have NEVER hurt myself as bad as I
did today.
I've been bitten by mosquitos and red ants
and have gotten poked by rose bushes.....
but today was the worst.

I cleaned this corner.
Now, it looks like you can sit in this chair,
and drink something cold.
But don't.
The chair is almost rusted to the ground.
It's now yard art.

I was in Kansas in August.....and my sister gave me these rocks.
They were from my Granma's garden in Kansas.
Everything my Granma did was very neat and tidy.
Even her rocks were nice.
I'm glad I've got some of them.
I'm glad I finally took them out of the bag they've been in
for over a month.

So, everything is THIS garden is all fixed.
I have more to do.
Some of it might still need the
National Guard.
We'll see.

Just some friendly advice.....
take it or leave it.

Never MAKE more gardens in your yard
then you can take care of.

Never have more kids than you can home-school.


Rebecca said...

Sorry about your finger! I'll bet it's still throbbing. I like those Kansas rocks. I'm more than a little bit jealous. I'm pretty sure I spy a heart-shaped one, too...

Grammie Kim said...

Mo, I'm glad you took a break for your poor finger. OUCH. Shall I send you some AK rocks? They probably won't pinch you.
Hope your rabbits are happy in their new home...if not, they may hop off somewhere; especially if there is some untouched jungle waiting for the Nat. Guard.

Michele McEntire said...

I didn't see the heart rock I do.
Yes Kim, send me rocks. Better yet, bring them to me.