Saturday, September 13

Happy Birthday

Friday night we're at Sara's apartment for the
birthday party.
I remember when they were born.
During hurricane Rita.
I flew to Mississippi,
the twins were born,
James came to get me and
enjoy the twins,
but had to drive back to Freeport
to get the girls because
of the hurricane.
What a week.
On our way HOME from Mississippi,
we met the hurricane coming through the area....
and it was all calm on the coast when we got home.

Cousin Jonathan.
Always has a smile ready.

Ice cream cake.
Not a good idea.
In Freeport.
In September.

Saturday was the Spa Party for Alisa.
She turned six.
I can remember when she was born.
It was during hurricane Ike.
Why don't we all have babies during
hurricane season?

This is what went on.....

I thought these were just pretty fun.
The old people got bowls of
fluffy pumpkin stuff.
Heather starts in with the pumpkin stuff
in August.....

I love this last picture.
These three girls must be at the age where they
could not,
all three,
look at me,
at the same time.
This is not the only picture I took trying to get it to happen.



Heather McEntire said...

Heeeehaw. Good post. Thanks for coming.

Grammie Kim said...

I had forgotten that Sara's twins were born during a hurricane, also! Wow.

Glad you took pictures. Did you help paint their little toes?

Rebecca said...

Yep! It works now.

Michele McEntire said...

Rebecca, the next time we have a party like this, I will ask that you be invited.