Monday, September 29

Four Days

My husband left for four days to preach a revival
in Humble, Texas,
for Brother Reynolds.
He left Sunday morning and got home
Wednesday night, late.
I sewed an apron......
and a shoe bag for Kimberly.
I left the box of biscotti ON the cabinet,
no worries about anybunny taking one.

Monday morning EARLY,
Klarisa and I drove to San Marcos.
Yes, I drove.
Yes, we made it.
No, nothing weird happened.
We were looking for a wedding dress.
We found one.
All day long was fun
except for about 10 minutes.
Ate lunch with David San Marcos,
went to the gazebo where they will be wed,
then went off shopping.
Gave up on San Marcos,
so we drove to Austin. 
I also found out that
Burlington Coat Factory
doesn't just sell coats.
Sounds like a coat store to me....
but what do I know?

We all said YES to the same dress.
Actually, the store that we bought the dress,
doesn't do the YES stuff.....
so Kimberly just rang their *make a wish bell.*
I hope her wish included me.
I bet it didn't.

After we ate at Carl's Jr.'s? for supper,
we thought we'd better head home, since it was
eight and I turn into a pumpkin at midnight.
While we were getting gas,
there were thousands of birds all squawking
around us on the wires.
The only other time I see this is when we are
Christmas shopping around Baybrook Mall.
So, I don't see it very often.
Freeport may be the Bird Capitol of the U.S.,
but when the birds fly through, they're
like alone or something.
Never in a flock.
I love a good fly-over of birds.

Yes, Klarisa helped me.
She was my GPS.
We talked for four hours ON the way,
and 3 1/2 hours on the way back.
I don't know for sure why it took a shorter
time to get back,
it was dark.
Couldn't see where I was.....
I just did what I was told.

A present from David.
It's on Kimberly's piano.
Well, it's kind of her piano.
I guess it's mainly mine, now.


I always kind of wonder what I would eat if it was just
and nobunny else to be concerned about.
I guess I found out.

I cleaned my bedroom.
I thought it would be a good idea to do it
while my husband was gone.....
cause I figured if I didn't finish,
and get the stuff off of OUR bed,
that I could sleep in the
*Sleeping Room.*

I think I am going to *re-gift*
this object this year.
I'm done enjoying it.
Totally done.


Rebecca said...

You had WAY more fun than me! And don't even THINK of re-gifting that gift MY direction :)

Anonymous said...

my wish did include you. it fact, it was completely about you. now, that's all i can say, or it won't come true. love you.

Michele McEntire said...