Tuesday, September 30

Another Day In the Garden

I spent another day in my gardens.
A nice pretty cool front blowing in
on this September day,
did NOT happen,
but I went out anyway.
It was only 98% humid.
Could have been worse, right?

It was warm, not hot, but warm.

I've heard some people say they don't care
about flowers.  Or flower gardens.
Or anything like it.

 I get bit by red ants.
Sometimes when I pull a weed,
the dirt and sand will fly right into my eyes.
I sprayed myself with OFF, which is
something I hate, but the mosquitoes are horrible right now.
I get dirt under my fingernails,
I break my fingernails and I get rocks in my shoes.
I pinch my fingers and get poked
with rose-bush thorns.
I get sunburnt and thirsty.
Everything is heavier than it used to be......

My hair gets in my eyes,
I think about other things I could
be doing, opposed to wearing leather gloves
with holes in them.....
pulling,pulling,pulling, weeds.....
dropping rocks on my toes and
dragging scratchy things to the 
sidewalk trash pile that make me itch.......
Lemon slushes, Pinterest,
Hobby Lobby, Carino's....
DONUTS.....a cup of coffee and the weather station......

But you know what?
It's worth it.
Because I have flowers.



Rebecca said...

Yes, you certainly DO have flowers :)

Anonymous said...

You have so many different kinds! I heard you say once that you did not care for petunias. I love them and the fragrance sometimes that you can catch when you walk by them. Grandma Foos always had petunias and they remind me of her. kristi

Michele McEntire said...

Petunias are too fragile. They don't grow well down here.