Monday, September 8

A Tale Of Two Bedrooms

"I have sometimes sat alone here of an evening,
 listening, until I have made the echoes out to be
 the echoes of all the footsteps
 that are coming by and by into our lives."
“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”  
“A multitude of people and yet solitude.”  
from the book
*A Tale Of Two Cities*

When we first moved in to this house over 20 years ago,
the boys got the smaller room,
the girls got the larger one.
At that time, we only had two girls and two boys.
How did we know that we would end up
having more girls than boys?
And that they would need the bigger room.

The two rooms have been through big changes,
but none as big as the ones lately.

The *girl* room is now the Sleeping Room.
The guest room.
The room is ready, which means nothing will have to be
DONE to get it ready when somebunny comes to see us.

I called it the Sleeping Room,
because I am ONLY going to put
sleeping type things in there.
I know me.....and it would be easy to
just put other things in there that don't pertain
to sleeping. 

Klarisa shopped around the house and found this book,
decoratively put it on the suitcase pile and said:
"Nothing says sleep like flowers on a book!"

 The boy room is now the sewing room.
Daniel painted it the color of the inside of a submarine.
Kimberly painted it the color of a neon rainbow.
I guess I'll keep it that color.
Nothing says SEW like lime green......

I still have some work to do in this room.
Gotta fill up some empty spaces.
Flat surfaces should not be empty.

My sewing machine,
waiting to make an apron.

I have lots of random things that help me sew.
Little baskets made out of sticks.
Old baby bath-tubs.

I, in jest, many times have said,
"I wish somebody would back a truck up to the
house and give me lots of fabric."
Well, it happened.
A friend gave me 7 large keepers,
filled to the top,
with fabric.
This is just a small part of what I have.
As soon as I get over this summer cold,
and nagging wisdom tooth issue,
I plan to sew and sew and sew.

The bedrooms used to hold kids and their things.
Can't go back.
The rooms now hold my things.
Daniel once said that this house screamed of six kids.
Now, it's kind of just an echo.
People go.
Rooms stay.
I keep the doors opened
on both of them,
so I will be sure
to be connected to reality.


Heather McEntire said...

Sew that apron. Listen to Buddy Davis. Do happy things. You'll be ok.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you will be OK Michele...the rooms are so much you, I love them and hope someday I can stay in your sleeping room and look at all of your material! After Autumns wedding and things settle in, we will come see you! I will be lonely then also and you will probably be over your loneliness by then. Sew! it will pass the time! Love your sister

Grammie Kim said...

I like what your sister said.
It will be fun to someday see your new rooms.