It was so pretty out.
Even though it was cloudy.
Can't say I was having a horrible time.
Can't say I was having a great time.
Should have been having a fantastic time.
I just know I'd like to be able to wear that
white sweater all summer......


It's amazing how states look so different....
and I love to see them.
I'd rather drive the 48 states
than fly overseas.

Just my typical hair day.

I guess this is what *we* look like
driving down the highway.

I *KNOW* this is a horrible picture.
We were going at least 60mph.
This was a stretch of road that had drive-ways,
that all went
through a little bit of woods....
to homes.
Each had a mail-box,
many had a sign.
The signs were what they called their homes.
It was fun to read them.......
then I would imagine what we would
call a home,
at the end of a driveway,
off of a high-way,
through a few trees.
Nobody could see the homes, so
the better the name,
the better you could imagine what was behind the trees.

Yes, we ate at Culver's again.
No, we probably won't eat there for a while again.

This would be Queen Anne's Lace.
It kind of bob bob bobs in the breeze.


 Proverbs 27:17
 Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.
We NEED people around us that sharpen our countenance.

I'll take the trailer on the right.....
I'd love to fix up an old camping trailer.
Just like rich people do on pinterest.

This was in the door way of the place we ate Tuesday night.
While we were there, there was a mild storm
and the electricity went off for a few minutes.
A little later when I took a picture of their chalkboard sign,
my flash went off
cashier lady really BIG.
That's right up there with watching
somebunny stub their toe,
and watching
them dance around.....


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