Monday, August 4

Road Trip #2

This was *very* North for us.
Except for the two times we flew to Alaska.
That was *totally* North.

Destination, Kalamazoo.

Was fun to see wildflowers still blooming.
Where we come from,
most of them are spent by the middle of June.
Gone to seed and waiting for next year.
I had to brighten these up a little bit.
Had they been Texas wildflowers....
I could have let the picture stand on its own.

Moving Lydia in.
I counted the steps.

Heading for the court house.
It was a pleasant experience because we actually had
the right papers and identification.
If I had a dime for every time I had to GO back
to TDOT in Angleton.....
from our house....
because of kids needing I.D. and
driver's licenses.....
and not having the right stuff....
and papers and proof ,
I could buy a Lemon Slush from Sonic.

We had some days of waiting.....
so we of course went to the water.
I was SO different.
No sharks.
No salt.
Also, no funky smells.

enjoying the sites

So, we go to Texas Corral to eat.
I KNEW the music would be loud....
and I knew I wouldn't want to hear the songs.
I was right.
But the food was good.
And we all had plenty to drink.....

So ended Thursday.