Sunday, August 3

Road Trip #1


We took a road trip.
Had we headed for Alaska,
we would have been around 100 miles
short of making it to North Pole.

I'm not for sure where this Mexican place was.....
it's always taking a great chance to eat somewhere like this anywhere
outside of Texas state lines.
Had they put as much into cooking their food right
as they did painting their chairs and tables....
we might go back.
Well, probably not.
Stayed in Little Rock the first night.

You can always go somewhere safe.
Like Cracker Barrel.
You KNOW their food is going to be bland.
And the biscuits dry.



I hope the guy
driving that TRUCK,
read that sign.



Leslie Berridge said...

Where's Mackinaw bridge?

rebecca said...

You DO get around!
And too bad about your Cracker Barrel experiences. For some reason, I like their biscuits :)

Did the whole gang go along or were you able to enjoy a bit of quiet?

Grammie Kim said...

Michele, you always find the most unusual signs/bumper stickers/trucks.!

Michele McEntire said...

Leslie......the Great Lakes...Michigan and that it.'s because I LOOK for them and have my camera in my lap!
Rebecca....part of the gang went with us....and SomETimEs the biscuits aren't dry!

Anonymous said...

That Mexican restraunt looks like Gallos....we have one of those in wonder the food wasn't great.
Love you,Angela Lamberto