Wednesday, August 6

Out on a lark......

This was beautiful.
Tall trees.
Sun shining through.
Cool breeze.
Out on a lark.

These were blue.
They looked like berries.
But were they blue-berries?

Right before the bridge.
I think we got gas.
Didn't want to make a scene ON the bridge.

Famous suspension bridge.
They were painting parts of it.
Not a job I would want.
Rather work at DQ.

What is up with this?
There are NO signs like this in Texas.
If Michigan keeps this up,
all of their seagulls with MOVE to Texas
so they can have a decent meal of
white bread and stale pretzels once in a while.

This looks pretty boring.
Bleh color.
But had you been there,
you would have taken a picture of it, too.
It was slosh slosh splashing.....just like a song I've heard.
Splash of the Paddle
Dan Gibson

Funny how songs can bring tears to your eyes.
Actually, it isn't funny at all.



Norma said...


Leslie Berridge said...

I love your road trips and thoughts in general.

Grammie Kim said...

I would've like to have heard that "song" with you.