Tuesday, August 19


It was Monday, not Tuesday.  But I didn't know that for most of the day.

Went to D & K's apartment.  Or their ship.  Whatever. For pizza.

We got Sonic and Daniel got a hot dog, while we waited for pizza.

This wasn't the pizza I was planning on, but it was still tasty.

This is no normal sidewalk.  This is the sidewalk in front of Kroger.....that runs right close to D&K's apartment.  It is pretty neat to walk to Kroger.  I always wanted to live close enough to my church, to walk to church.  Never has panned out.

Listened to the Happy Song....everybunny in the apartment loves it.  Including the little 7 year old.

Klarisa gave me a late? or very early birthday present. 
It is a box full of papers she wrote *happy* things on for me.
She knows me pretty well.
I guess I'm just an open book.
Last night I opened the box.....
The slip of paper said:
What the Deaf Man Heard
It's just about the best movie I've ever seen.
That's all.


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Heather McEntire said...

Best. Gift. Idea. Ever. :)