Thursday, August 7

Heading South

Just a pretty flower
like I've never seen.

It's always a challenge to find a good cup of coffee
in the morning.
It is almost a given that the motel

Beautiful out.

I've seen
*don't feed the bear*
but never these many signs about seagulls.
What is the deal?
I bet I know.


And what if I didn't let the
door close by itself?

Cute little critter.
We don't have these in Texas....
if we do,
I don't see them.
Wish I would have had a peanut.
I didn't see any signs about
feeding cute little fuzzy things.

VERY cool old car.
One of the neatest I've ever seen.
If I had an old car to restore,
I'd restore it back like it was.
Not with flames and stripes and weird colors.

This clock marks just exactly what time we couldn't find
the motel.
We couldn't find it in town because it wasn't in town.
It was right over the border.
When things are right over the state line,
that means a casino is involved.
It was across the street.....

I tell you what.....
if you're mad,
the last thing you need
 is a blank sign and a can of paint.
Just keep it to yourself.

I wish I could have caught the cool look of the sun
going down on top of these trees.
This is the field outside our motel window.
It was pretty nice and peaceful.


Heather McEntire said...

those are what we called **CLOVER**. Prollllllly not real clover. But if you pull the little petals they taste sweet inside. don't ask me how I know that.

Heather said...

Are you in Minnesota???

Grammie Kim said...

Ooooh, I like that clock! What are the odds of seeing a clock like that?

Michele McEntire said...

We *were* in Minnesota!