Friday, August 8

Heading Home

I of course notice all the flowers planted along the way....
I'm not a great lover of petunias.....
but these were pretty neat.....
being striped and all.
And purple.

I also don't normally drink CODE RED MOUNTAIN DEW.
It was pretty good.
I'm also not normally in Iowa.
It was a beautiful farming state.
Loved to see the green fields.

My husband and I LOVE these places.
They have a coffee called:
Camp Fire
It is G.O.O.D.
Wish there were one closer.....
much rather go here then where we end up sometimes.

This was a spot in a cool Amish type store.....
I dunno about those Amish stores....
they're always run by NON-Amish people....
something doesn't seem natural even though
everything is *home-spun*

I love to see morning glories on string up the side of something.
I only have wild morning glories that grow
on my fence and don't bloom.
Oh well.

I don't even know where we were when we ate at LongHorn.
I just know we were headed south, headed home.
Salina, Kansas?
I think.

Friday morning we headed for Seward,
the little dirt road town that I grew up in.
I had a wonderful day visiting with my mom.
One of the best.
Enjoyed every minute of it......
We had pizza, looked at old pictures,
looked at her birthday cards.....talked about all kinds of things....
I pulled some grass out of the cracks of their sidewalk near the back door.
My mom and dad would NEVER have let grass grow in the cracks.
Now, it would take all day to make it right.
I feel bad for them.
They loved to take care of their stuff.
Now they can't.

Drove to my sister's on Friday afternoon, to stay the night with her.
It puts us a little over an hour closer to home
and it really helps.
She had this Snoopy dog ready for me.
She thought I would need it.
She was right.

Took a ride with Uncle Les.
He asked if we wanted to go to Carriage Crossing for pie.....
or Sonic for a drink.
I chose the pie.....
when we walked out to the garage.....
I then understood why he wanted to go to Sonic.
Cause people would stare at the car we were in.
Missed my chance to be great
and stared at.
(and the pie turned out to NOT be that great)

I sometimes look at the moon with a heavy heart.
It can be seen by all that I love.
The moon looks down on the people I love.
But I can't see the people I love.

Saturday morning.....
Guide Me Home...........

Denny's for breakfast.
This was supposed to be a pancake puppy.
Didn't look like one to me.

Part of the Dallas Skyline.
Reunion Tower

Then home.
And that's where I am right now.


Grammie Kim said...

I didn't know you got to visit your parents and Sis. I am so glad. Wish I could've taken a ride in your uncle's car...I would've picked Sonic so we could revisit old memories. :)

Rebecca said...

Wondered if you were home yet. Now I know.

Dave T Core said...

Great road trip blog :) but there's no place like home