Wednesday, August 20

Day With Heather

Tuesday morning....out by the flower beds.
I was wondering what was wrong with the camera
It was SO humid, the lens
was fogged up.
It was photo-shopping
the picture AS it was being taken.
*add softness*

I didn't exactly know what
things were with Heather and the girls.
I soon found out.
I soon found out that it was
That's what it meant.
Nothing serious.
When you go to Hobby Lobby,
then Carino's, then Penny's,
then Bath & Body,
then Sonic,

I know I've looked for miniature clothespins before.
And couldn't find them.
Well, here they are bigger than life,
(well, not really)
in Hobby Lobby.
Colored or natural.
As soon as I set my house in order,
I'm going to buy the plain colored ones.
And think of something to do with them.
Like hang up mouse clothes?

I don't ever get the memo on what to wear
so I will match the happy majority.
I HAVE a striped top.
But no, I have to wear my plaid one.

So, if you only have one hand, and two girls,
one of the girls takes ahold of your skirt.
Train your kids to do this.
You will feel when they let go.
It's an old trick I learned
from Heather's mom.
My Bosom Buddy.
It works.

Had a pretty good time washing our hands
until Heather tried to wreck the paper towels.
You gotta watch her like a hawk.

I'm making a few changes around the house.
This is probably the best one so far....
I hope getting rid of the freezer works so well.....
I LOVE Snoopy,
this was perfect.
It isn't exactly a coffee-quote,
but it's always a good idea to be cool.....
and coffee is a good way to start the process
in the morning.
Thanks for the Funday, Heather.
I also bought a pair of white sandals.
Heather said, "I've never seen you wear white sandals."
I said,"It's cause I didn't have any until now."

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Grammie Kim said...

for some reason, I just found this blog post. The only thing better than toodling with Heather and the girls, is toodling with Heather's mom and Heather and the girls. {hug}