Tuesday, August 5

#5 Road Trip

Guess who was at you know where picking up you know what.....
I happened to be in the kitchen when the digital clock struck? 8:00
David was picking up the license from the courthouse at this time.

A few last hugs for Lydia McEntire
From Papa

From Momma

I didn't forget anything......

Lydia McEntire walking out the door....
one more time.

Just a fact.
If you don't have hair....
the wind doesn't bother it.....

David's dad.......
looks like they all called each other and said:


As you can see,
the clock in this picture,
tells you what time,
everything happened.
July 28
(I didn't get the memo to wear blue)

Lydia Rose Corradini

David's dad.
We didn't lose a daughter,
we gained a son.

And no, it wasn't a whole lot of fun driving off.
I've never in my life left anybunny in Michigan before.
So, we drive to Bob Evans.
I ate,
but I wasn't hungry.
This was the start of Monday, 28th.


Leslie Berridge said...

Beautiful people on a beautiful day full of beautiful blue!

sheilaryan said...

Your baby! I can't believe it. Love you, sweet lady! ♡

Norma said...

:) <3

Dave T Core said...

You did gain a son who's blessed to be part of your family!

Michele McEntire said...

The last time we were at a Bob Evan's.....a waiter (?) stood at our table the WHOLE meal and made balloon animals. wow.....

Grammie Kim said...

New chapter, Michele. New family. New memories.