Tuesday, August 5

#4 Road Trip

Strange weather on Sunday.
We hardly ever see hail.
Our poor car was right out there in it.
Evidently the size of each one was harmless.
Good church services.
Enjoyed meeting David's people.
The hail storm knocked the power out of the church....
so my husband preached in the semi-darkness.

David let us pick where we ate that night.....
our choice was something as
Tex-Mex as Kalamazoo could offer.
It was California good.

I had been eye-balling a donut shop the whole time we were there.....
so, as if we hadn't had enough to eat....
we walked across the parking lot for dessert.

So ended Sunday night.
Sort of.
We all went to David's place.....
us to stay
and him to get his stuff for the 28th!

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Grammie Kim said...

Donuts...morning, noon, and night...