Monday, August 4

#3 Road Trip

Assimilating their stuff.
Who needs to hang pictures on the wall?
Who WANTS to hang pictures
on concrete walls?

We were eating somewhere or something
every time we turned around.
Friday the three of us ate at Taco Bell.
I think Kalamazoo must mean:
*city of many places to eat*

Then we went to Wal-Mart to not buy a fan.
Got a few other things.
Mainly, when you shop at Wal-Mart,
nothing is noteworthy, memorable, or worth
writing home about.

Didn't take my camera to the ball-game we went to
on Friday night.
The weather was mild,
had a few sprinkles,
then ate at Chili's.
It wasn't a victory supper though......
It was pretty fun,
except I have this thing about getting
on the head by a ball gone wild.
It happens.
The next morning, we were evidently hungry again.
We ate at a cool Mom and Pop place.
I love to go to places like that.
McDonald's and Denny's are so predictable.
Random is better.
Had a couple things to pick up at the mall.....

Can't remember if we were hungry or not.....
but we went to Culver's anyway.
I'm going to talk to our city council or mayor
to see if we can get one around here.
There IS one in the Woodlands....North Houston....
so I'm not without comfort.
But if we headed that direction to eat there,
we'd probably stop at Spaghetti Warehouse!!
So ended Saturday.

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