Monday, May 26

Memorial Day 2014....this was my day.

I got up around six this morning.  I did because I thought it would be a good
idea to go check on Sheba.  To see if she got sick in her kennel again.
She was fine, no I made coffee and started the peach clobber.
(It usually takes three people to help me get ingredients out the night before.
Everybunny wants to eat it, but nobunny wants to help.)
While the real pot of coffee is brewing,
I make a cup of decaf in our little one cupper.....
because I don't like to wait.

I checked the flowers in my *meadow*,
and got some cosmos seeds.
It was a beautiful little white flower....I always try to save the specially colored flower seeds.
Anybunny can have a pink cosmos....

The Peach Clobber turned out.
Sometimes it doesn't.
I use the same ingredients, the same pan, the same spoons and everything every time.
Maybe it's my attitude?
The big people got to pour half & half on theirs.

I get up with intentions to read my Bible FIRST,
and always find myself outside looking at flowers.
It happens almost every morning.

Got some zinnias coming up.

I've been reading my Bible in my bedroom in my old green rocking chair.
I am easily distracted.
I would be distracted by the white walls in a white room.
So, the more quiet the place,
the better chance I have to concentrate.
This Jonathan Edwards book is the best book
I have ever read as a Christian.
When I'm done with it, I'm going to read it again.
Charity and It's Fruits

I have found myself humming the song:
I shall not be
I shall not be moved
I shall not be
I shall not be moved
Just like a tree,
that's planted by the water,
I shall not be moved.
Yes, I mark in my Bible.
Not with high-lighter magic marker type pens,
because they tend to wrinkle the pages.
I use Prisma colored pencils.
I love them.

I guess this is when Sara got up.
She chose the Utah coffee cup.
We bought it at the airport on the way to Caleb and Heather's wedding
in Alaska.  Or on the way back.
I used the Caribou cup we bought on a trip last Autumn to
Sioux Falls......
I like the Caribou coffee shops better than Starbuck's.
Less stuck up.

This is probably when I played Candy Crush.
I play games.
Not very many, but I have to have something to
do when I'm not pulling weeds.

This is what Sheba looks like after she eats a Lego.
We didn't give her anything to eat all day.....except a Lego......
I didn't care to clean it up.
I have my limits and they were about reached last night.

The kids head out pretty early in the morning.
It's been so long since I've had littles play outside.
NONE of our kids ever wanted to play in the back yard,
and neither do these kids.

I wish whoever owned the house across the street would re-think that blue.
It clashes with the leaves in Autumn.

This is the *meadow* area.
It includes the avocado tree.
Actually, there are lots of weeds, but the flowers are taller, so I can live with that.
I would love to be a professional garden watering lady.
OR name fingernail polish.
Either one would be just fine.

Moving through the day trying to get a few things done,
I notice this picture is hanging crooked.
I left it like that.
Maybe the jolt that made it crooked, will jolt it back into place.

I have a few friends and acquaintances that have requested Blue Bonnet seeds.
I have been putting it off because I don't really like to play secretary with envelopes and stuff...
unless I am mailing a real letter.....which I haven't done for a while either.  :(
I finally got three ready to send off.
Then I realized again, who I am to different people.
Mo to a friend from the Woodshed.
M.M. to a friend from high school.
Mo Sales to a lady from our local sale board.

more dishes.
Lydia puts them up,
I wash them,
everybunny else just gets them dirty.

Cutting up pickles for potato salad.
I don't one little bit enjoy making it.
Never have.
If you are around me very long,
you will hear the story I have dubbed:
*Three Hands In the Potato Salad*

I mosey outside to see what the kids are doing.
Lydia has been keeping and eye on all the kids (except Millie)
while they're outside.
We're surrounded by streets people drive fast on, especially the kid
down the street that his parents never could get rid of.
He's all grown up now and has a little white Mustang.
Or something like that.
He's the kid that his parents let him walk around the neighborhood at the
ripe old age of 2,
bought him a trampoline without the safety net, riding lawn mowers,
bikes with no brakes, go cart, deep swimming pools and skate boards.

James Kelzie never quits.
He's always up to something,
and Lydia plays along.
Evelyn is like Lydia's little
sister that she never had.

Grandpa had the boys help him remove the carpet in his office.
It was no easy task.
It was under a huge desk.
AND, had it been me,
KNOWING what the dogs did on that rug,
I wouldn't have even been able to touch it to take it
out to the road.
I wonder if somebody picked it off of our trash pile and took it home
to put in their front room.

This is when I had to leave the front-room.
I cannot stand some movies.
Sorry.  I don't think I will every enjoy FROZEN.
It doesn't hold a candle to ICE AGE!!
I almost feel physically ill when a dumb movie is on.

So, I read for a little bit.
I love these books.
James Herriot is one of my favorite authors.
They were LOL funny before the internet was even invented.
My mom called some time around now and told me to go buy
some plastic forks and spoons and plates and bowls and anything that could be thrown
away instead of washed.  She is sending money tomorrow to cover it.
She wants to help around here.....even though she's in Kansas.
She prays for all of us every morning....I told her that was enough.
There's nothing like a trip to Dollar General or Family Dollar
to lift your spirits.


Lydia and Evelyn went with me
and we bought candy.

Ahhhh, now this is TV!
We introduced Sara's kids to Adam 12.
We watched all we could when we had Netflix.
I follow Adam 12 on Facebook and Lydia has
an Adam 12 t-shirt.
This DVD was actually from Hasting's as a Christmas present to the family.
I had some $$ leftover from other present buying ventures,
 and thought it was a worthy cause.
And besides that, I wanted them.
Lydia takes these on a trip to watch in our Journey and it
to hear it and not be able to see it.

The kids were out most of the day.
It was gloomy and overcast and humid and breezy and just
not all that nice.

I crocheted around a wash rag while watching Adam 12.
Just like my Aunt Freida.
Everything in her house had a crocheted trim on it.
Kind of cozy.

I fried hamburgers.
We didn't grill them.
We WILL grill sometime this summer,
just not today.
We were even out of mustard.
You'd think after all these years,
I wouldn't run out of things like that.

More dishes.
BUT, I got some new soap from Dollar General.
Honeyberry Hulu
Smells like a Buzzing Hawaiian Christmas.

Then, I drove to Bucee's to sell a pair of VAN tennis shoes.
I gave two for them and sold them for $10.
That's how I make my money.
Except not lately.
Things just haven't been hopping for me
on Varagesale.
I need money to support my Fossil/Born habit.

Then it sprinkled.
This would be the amount of rain that would make
you take clothes off of the clothes line,
and then wish you hadn't.

Grandpa went and bought four
flavors of Blue Bell.
James Kelzie fixed himself a vanilla/peach with Dr. Pepper.
That's an 11 year old for you.

Kim came home from San Marcos.
Grandpa turned on a movie for the kids
Follow Me Boys

Since I live on 9th Street, I won't see a beautiful FULL
sunset unless I'm NOT on 9th Street.
The trees hide it, but I know it's there.


Sara said...

Youll always be Mama to me.
I bet one of the kids jolted the picture...they will probably jolt it back.
Peach clobber was good. Potato salad was good. Ice cream gave me a stomach but was good.
Its nice not having to make the coffee. Just show up and drink it!
Love you Mama

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are back on the blog! Missed you! I know I know, I dont do facebook! even though I signed back on. I will here soon, but enjoy your blogs and I love seeing pictures of your grandkids and Sara and Lydia. Where was Kimberly. Wow James has a beard! gotta go clean a house here. Love You Kristi, your sister

Michele McEntire said...

Kristi, Kimberly was in San Marcos with David B. :)

Grammie Kim said...

You are MO to me. :) MY MO.
I am one of the potato salad hands. :) Did you use all your mustard in making the salad???
I like the James Herriot books. LOL
Your momma is so sweet. I love how she is helping and praying.
I hope Sheba learned her lesson. Boo.
Glad you posted a Memorial day blog. It was good to see. thanks for the moment by moment.

sheilafayeknox said...