Galveston 2014

(James can parallel park, I can barely spell it.)

We drove to Galveston after James got off work.
We couldn't even remember the last time we were there.
We have all kinds of *time* markers to help us remember,
but we're still not sure.
Was it when he was with his Pastor?
Or with a missionary?
Or me?
Or when babies were being born?
I think the last time I was there I was with Rebekah and Heather
and a bunch of little girls.
I can't say I enjoy Galveston and the Seawall in the summer....
I like it best in the winter when everybody wears LOTS of clothes.

We first went to Rainforest Café.
We sit over by the area that had a sign up
to remind us to help
save the Rainforests.
What do I do first?
Stop using toothpicks, or what?
All the guys in there look like Boy Scouts.
Except for one guy.
The guy that did rabbit ears behind my husband
as he walked by.
A Boy Scout would never do that.

This is the Pleasure Pier in Galveston,
the girls went last winter?
I had NO idea it was out on the water.
I know one thing, when the next hurricane comes
there will be nothing left of this little park.
No clean up necessary.
The wind and waves will take care of it.

This is a seawall, you can't see it because it's a drop-off.
The highway/road is about 12? feet up from the ocean.
One wrong turn and BOOM,
you're in the ocean.
I don't enjoy this street so much,
I enjoy the Strand where you shop,
and you can't fall off the side of a road that has no safety poles.

We went to Denny's.
I love Pancake Puppies.
I always think it's funny to be able to look out the window of where you're
eating and look at another place where others are eating.
Kind of like El can look out their window and see
that nobody is at the little hole in the wall
Mexican restaurant right across the road.

I sold some old books at a bookstore on 23rd Street.
I used to see them there all the time, when we went to Galveston all the time.
They have all new bookshelves.
Probably because water from the last hurricane got 9 or 10 feet deep in their store.
All the bookshelves upstairs are still wood.
Kind of takes away the character of a bookstore when everything is new.
There are less and less bookstores to go to these days.
Amazon ate them up,
just like Wal-Mart ate up all the mom and pop places.

I took this for Lydia.
We like to watch pirate movies.

We walked around in the rain for a while.
Got all drippy and humid.
Then we got coffee.
It barely fixed everything.
It was pretty miserable outside.
I remember sitting outside drinking coffee at Starbuck's
in New Mexico....ABQ.
It was JULY and beautiful out in the morning.
Not here.
Not here.

Where IN THE WORLD would you use
camouflage duds like this?
A can of vegetable soup?
A Dr. Seuss book?
On a stop-sign?
The Army/Navy Surplus store is going out of business.
I know where they GOT all the stuff.
I'm just wondering what they are going to DO
with all of it they can't sell.
They all remind me of Carney in there.....
Nothing is ever what it seems.
Nothing ever costs what it looks like it is marked.
It is crowded, it stinks, everything is dark,
there is no a.c.......or they have it turned to 85....
you go in one door, and out another.
You can't turn around, you have to keep going
like a rat in a maze or something.
To get IN, you walk through what looks like a
metal torcher chamber.
I'm glad they are closing.

So, we go to Walmart.
James got some jeans for his
Africa trip.
And some shoes.
He evidently needs to take a jacket.
It's cold over there right now.
Ain't that crazy?
So when we come out of Walmart,
it smells horrible.
Then we remember what it is.
The city/beach guys were literally scooping up
piles and piles and piles of red, disgusting, rotting,
seaweed from the beaches.
It's like some sort of plague.
Not that we cared since we just stay on sidewalks up away from the water,
but it does stink and makes the whole place rather unpleasant.
But that didn't stop a kajillion people from being there today.
Then we went to Palais Royal.
There I finally found summpin to buy.

We ate at Landry's.
It's a seafood place.
I'm not fond of their decorating ideas.....kind of bland,
but the food was good.
I always get water with a lemon,
but always want a Sprite.

So, here we have the Landry thought on what's important.
Instead of live,love,laugh.....
TASTE seems to be most important to them.
I imagine somebunny got paid lots of money for coming up with that.
Well, they're wrong.
Eternity is the most important thing.
You can laugh plenty after you take care of that.
If you read those silly little sayings long enough,
you will think they are FROM the Bible.
But they're not.

It was a nice drive home.
I love the Blue Water Highway.
It used to be a skinny little two lane road with
no shoulder.
Now it's not so skinny,
and there are shoulders.
But if you don't have to swerve,
you don't think about those things.

I bought these at Mo Bettah Market.

Do *you* have a store named after you?


In the bookstore, we saw a cat, that had just one eye.
I figured, given the area, it was probably the work of a pirate.
I saw a CAVEMAN on a payphone at Walmart.
I am NOT kidding.
I thought it would be rude to take a picture, so I didn't.
On the way home, some kids were holding posters.....
Honk if you Love Jesus.
We love the Lord, but we didn't honk.
I'm thinking we should show it other ways before we
resort to honking......


Rebekah said…
I've been to Landrys in Galveston. Their food was really good.
And I always love to see all the houses on the beach when you drive into Galveston. They're cool.
Remember that guy who passed on the left shoulder that time we drove there? Guys in big trucks don't make good decisions.
Guys in small trucks, DO make good decisions?
Kari said…
Oh, reading your post made me miss living there! Sounds like so much fun! Can't believe Colonel Bubby's is going out of business. It was always so full of stuff! Hope y'all are doing well!

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