Sunday, May 25

do I even love dogs?

I'm thinking if I have to ask the question,
then the answer is,
I might like dogs,
but I don't love them.
I'm 54 years old and have had many dogs.
I can't really remember loving any of them except
Poky and Lisa.
Maybe I loved those two dumb dogs because I didn't have
to take care of them.
My mom took care of them.
Remember, my mom took care of everything in a fine fashion.
That meant I didn't have to.
I'm pretty sure I'm fickle as a pickle when it comes to dogs.
I'm a fair weather dog liker.
I like my dog when I'm riding my bike and my dog is running right beside me.
And never chases a cat. 
I like my dog when there is a robber in the hall.
And my dog chases that robber away.
I love my dog when I'm in Petco and my dog has all of its shots which makes
it legal for my dog to be IN that store....and my little dog is just
toodling around the store with me and never barks at anybody.
And never potties on the floor.
I've never had dogs that did any of those things.
Right now, our big dog is barfing all over the floor and the kennel.
I woke up this morning to her crying and wanting OUT,
really BAD.
Rinse out the kennel.
Go to church.
Come home. 
Feed Sheba.
Sheba throws up all over the dining room floor.
Everything she owned.
She has been sick for almost two months.
Don't know what else to do.
I haven't even told you what BUNNY
did in the sewing room last night.
I guess we'll see what happens on Tuesday.
I'll take Sheba back to the vet for her
follow-up visit on her terrific ear infection
and her skin problem.
She's been a sweet dog.
Just don't always know what to do.

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