Wednesday, May 28

32 years today




I no longer sign cards,
McEntire 8
But that's what we were for a long time.
It all started on May 28.
32 years ago,
with just two of us.

Just like any other marriage,
we have gone through seasons.
You don't realize it from day to day,
but change happens.
Ha, NONE of these things are in our back yard anymore.
It's all gone.
Except for the dumb tree
we should have kept mowing.
I wish I had pictures all in order to make a perfect
blog post of our married life.
But, I've never made it a priority to do so.....
so here we go random again.

When all of our kids are gone,
we will just be 2.....
right where we started.
Which is the way it's supposed to be.
You better finish what you start.
And like it.
I heard or read something a long time ago about marriage.
All these books,
devotional thoughts,
lists of verses,
and the like.....
speaking ONLY of marriage.....
can help.....but it is better to:
Follow the Whole Counsel of God.
Don't look for the verses with JUST wife, husband, marriage, love
 and words like that
to help you.
Read books about coveting.
Find  lists of verses about being kind.
Go to seminars about walking in the spirit.
Listen to sermons about having faith.
Make your OWN list on verses about anger.
Read the Proverbs.
Read the book of James.
Practice the 12th chapter of Romans.
While it's nice to have books especially for the subject you're thinking on,
don't limit your help.
For if you practice the Bible in general,
you will have a successful marriage.
Our cars have  changed, we've changed our addresses,
our friends have changed,
our yard is different,
we eat different than we did in the first years,
some years we went on vacation,
some we didn't,
we never have painted the house though.....
we've gotten so much different furniture
and clothes it would be impossible to keep up with it all,
I'm on my third washing machine,
we no longer have a dishwasher,
we tend to go to bed early and get up early,
I read less than I used to,
I have more flowers than I ever have,
my husband has more books than he used to,
we've painted a few rooms,
kids move out,
we have grandkids now,
we no longer have a house phone, only cell phones....
we used to not own a television,
now we do,
cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils,
Everything Changes
But not God's Word.
Isaiah 40:8
 The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever.
I'm glad it has been my help the last 32 years.
I'm also glad God brought me from Kansas to Texas,
to bring James and I together.
And yes, I will Waltz Across Texas With You....
because I know when we're done,
you will take me somewhere fun,
and get me some coffee.


Leslie Berridge said...

Pretty much sums it up.....marry Gods chosen and stick with him. Be sure or don't marry him. When times get tough, argue with the chooser not the chosen. Realize the one that had to change is you, then as the years have gone by, see how you both changed!

Sara said...

Many happy waltzing years to come for both of you.

Humble wife said...

Happy Blessed Anniversary!!!
I love marriages that are longstanding. Praise God!

Grammie Kim said...

So many wonderful memories...then, now, and to come.