Thursday, May 29

3 Strikes, You're OUT

this is NOT going to work.
1. Fruit Punch
(the worse flavor in the world next to raspberry)
2. Kool Aid
(no kid ought to be brought up this stuff,
sugar and food coloring)
3. Blonde Oreo
(what's up with that?)
don't buy these things
don't support their dumb inventions


Heather McEntire said...

HAHAHAHAHA I AGREE ON ALL POINTS!!! Oreos are supposed to be BLACK AND WHITE. period. end of story.

Sara said...

I did like the little ritz crackers with confettie frosting sandwiched between them. They only kept the cheese kind.

Peach said...

The bear has me chuckling for minutes!!
That's a great ending!!

Grammie Kim said...

Thank you for putting my thoughts into words!

Little Penpen said...

LOL.. I like your way of thinking!!