Wednesday, January 8

Sewing Room

You know how the book goes....if you give a mouse a cookie......
It happens more than you think, to real people.
I bought an old kitchen cabinet
to use in my sewing room,
so I sold the dresser that I've been using for my *stuff*,
then I had to clean the sewing room.
(this is the topic of the post btw)
With the money I made from the dresser, I bought a
Lazy Boy recliner.
Then I bought a couch to match the recliner.
I sold the couch AND love-seat so
I could get something to match the recliner
and couch.
So, we're looking at another rocker recliner.
I hope it matches the couch and recliner we do have....
so I can rest.
 So, the top picture shows a middle shelf in my newly fixed
up sewing room. 
Scissors, glue gun,
and old clothespins from my
Great Grandmother.
My sister put mint oil on them,
so they smell really good.
The little box in the clothespins
is a prescription from years ago.
I love little boxes. 

This is my button shelf.
Button! Button!
*I've* got the button!
The little silver pan holds large buttons....and spoons.
So, if you feel like stirring buttons,
you can come to my house. 

My mom used to work at
 Fuller Brush in Great Bend,
She would bring home various things from the
store for me.
She gave me enough *mop*
string one time for Olivia and I to crochet a
rug big enough for three dogs to sleep on.
The lunch boxes are all empty.
I put projects in them if I know I'm going to
be on a long road trip,
or waiting,waiting,waiting,
It's how I get things done. 

.....a box of things I will get to....
some day.....

A LONG time ago, somebody gave us
barrels.  I have kept clothes in them for the kids, which
wasn't the best way to store things because they can be mighty deep.....
Now they are flat surfaces in my little sewing room.
I still have old keepsake baby clothes in one of them.
I can never remember which one.
One has pillow stuffing in it.
I have to lift the lid on each one of them every time.
The HUGE green sack is full of t-shirts
that I get for a dime at my favorite thrift store.
I make rugs out of them.
It's really messy, so it isn't a
much looked forward to kind of craft.
The old school desk and barrel under it,
holds fabric ready to be cut up for cloth rag rugs.
It's messy, conditions have to be just
right for me to start one.
As in, I need to be able to tear or cut the fabric outside.

I keep my empty baskets and containers on top of the *new to me* kitchen cabinet.
There's more up there now than is shown.
The baskets and containers come in handy when I'm lugging things around.
Like volley-ball size rag rug balls.

Everything you see, used to be in drawers.
It is going to take a little while to get used to this vertical way
of storing things. 
Top shelf is crochet thread and hooks.
Second shelf is all of my embroidery things.
I have lots of plain towels, table-cloths and doilies waiting
to have a design embroidered on them.
I LOVE to embroider on long road trips.
I guess, short trips, too.
I finished a project the other day
driving to Pearland and back.
Then a few doo-dads.....patches, needles, elastic.
Patterns on the next shelf,
yarn type things and empty bags on the bottom.
I love the new shelf, but it sure did
cause a stir.
A good stir.

This is the top of a huge cabinet I keep old books, Varage-Sale things....
and Bunny in.
Bunny sleeps on the bottom shelf.
The purse you see is full of old hankies and the
old jewelry box has random vintage costume jewelry in it.

This is the drawer on the top of the shelf that holds the purse
that holds the hankies.

Top of mystery barrel!
This is a couple of dishpans full of old aprons.
There's one in here to fit just about anybunny.
The rug you see is one I may never get rid of.
I love the colors. 

Top of another mystery barrel!
The little dresses hanging to the left are my inspiration.
They come in handy, too.
Yesterday Hannah got soaked washing
dishes (and playing),
so now she owns the long sleeve red dress.

This is my sewing table. 
 The pretty color can is full of little scrappy
pieces of fabric.
The picture you see on the wall is my dad.
He is in his back yard leaning against
a tree, that I'm sure has a name.
I just can't remember the names. 
This is my trash can. 
I really don't like plastic trash cans from
Wal-Mart or the Dollar Store.
I can usually do better than that.
Not shown is the huge blue keeper under the table my sewing machine is on,
full of Fisher Price Little People.....
or the Christmas decorations that are in my window
all year long.....
or my music maker/radio on top of the little
Easter Egg color dresser.
I love my little sewing room and am as grateful for it
as I am my nice wash-room.
*This Old House* has it's problems,
but I love it.


rebecca said...

Oh, my goodness. I'm ready to move in to your sewing room! You are One Lucky Bunny!

I want to see those Fisher Price people, by the way. I have a small collection myself. And a collection of colorful tins that I think are "special". And a bunch of pretty handkerchiefs that are presently in a wicker basket because I took them the last time I visited my mother in the Memory Unit so she could unfold and fold them and marvel over their "prettiness"...

Sue said...

I admire someone like you who can sew and make other things from scratch. I don't know how. It is unfortunately fast becoming a lost art...well, hopefully not.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Rebecca, I will take pictures of my Little People. It will be fun to take them out of the keeper and set them up!

Sue, start on something small. I had a friend that made simple cloth napkins. We use them all the time.