Tuesday, January 21


I always like to have a sunflower growing in my garden to remind me of my mom. 
The State Flower of Kansas!
That's where I'm from and that's where my mom lives.
The bowl you see below is the one we would put potatoes in for supper.
Just cut up, boiled potatoes. 
Most of the time, we had gravy, but sometimes we didn't.

My mom is turning 73.  She was the oldest of four kids. 
 Her dad was a plumber and her mom was a house-wife. 
My mom married young, had my sister and then me.
So, you could say, I'm from a small family.

I had a wonderful childhood. 
We didn't have new cars, go on fancy vacations or have snazzy clothes.....
but we did have lots of other things.
Like table-cloths on the table, then on the line.

We had order.  My mom kept everything in order.
Our laundry was always done and we never threw towels on the floor of the bathroom.
When I moved to Texas, I was rather shocked that some people DO throw
towels on the bathroom floor.

My mom loves calendars, birthdays, stationary, stamps, letters, and reasons to send cards.
She sometimes sends us 4? Christmas cards and writes a letter on each of them!
She loves coupons, newspaper clippings, frugal facts and address books!

The yellow pot-holder you see behind the little clothes-pin bag is a gift from my mom, to me.
If she had it 50 years ago, chances are she has it now.
She had an uncanny ability to take care of things and make them last forever.

My mom also loves house plants.  Especially this cactus plant.
She gave it to me a few years back because it was getting too heavy for her to lug in and
out of the house because of cold Kansas winters.
It got watered too much.......and is no longer with us.

My mom always had our hair fixed, cut, curled, cleaned, combed, brushed, pony-tailed.
Just for the record, not everybody knows how to put curlers in their hair.
Or anybody else's for that matter.
These little plastic space-ship rollers were used on my hair often.

My Great-Grandmother in Colorado, gave some Shamrock plants to my Granma, Granma gave
some to my mom, my mom gave some to me, and they are very happy here in Texas.
I wish mom could see how well they grow in my flower garden.

The above house is the first house I remember living in.
I contacted the lady that lives in the house now....and she graciously let us come
in and look around.
Nothing is like I remembered.
Except the long closet in the front bed-room.
That's a different blog post.........

This is my mom with my sister.
The little baby announcement is the very card my
Granma sent out to announce mom's birth.

This is the house on the *by-pass* ,
my Granny lived a few houses down
and my Granma lived a couple blocks away.
I had a wonderful child-hood.
(did I already say that?)
I grew up with gardens, swing-sets, cats, dogs, chickens, music,
sprinklers, sunflower seeds, money for bottles of pop,
trips to the city swimming pool, Avon perfume, Lake Wilson,
pretty pillowcases, firecrackers, Dairy Queen, bikes, mulberry trees, cousins,
libraries and library books, games, records, Girls Scouts and Brownies,
 doilies, and lots and lots of friends.

My mom was not a fancy cook..........but she was the *best* Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy.
We ate cherry jello, pork chops, macaroni and cheese,
 meat-potatoes-gravy-canned vegetables,
cinnamon toast, rice with cinnamon, pancakes with sugar instead of syrup,
 canned ham, glazed donuts, cans of hominy and beets,
gizzard gravy ..... but not much ice cream.
I was brought up to be early to any occasion, on time wasn't good enough.
We did dishes every night and didn't leave them in the sink.
We cleaned up everything from a camp-out before we went to bed.
My mom made lists and stuck to them.
Our cars always had gas and the salt shaker was always full.
Now, my mom is old.
I can't imagine life without a mom.
She is also now a Christian.
When she dies, she will go to heaven.


Little Penpen said...

I love this post and I love your mom after reading this post. I try to plant sunflowers every year too...in honor of friend from Kansas, who died a few years ago. :)

Rebecca said...

You are an amazing writer. I like your style - detailed, simple and so VERY intriguing! I just know I'd love your mother and wish I knew her.

Mud Boots and Cotton Dresses said...

Your mother and my grandmother...so similiar I am in tears. :) My grandmother was from KS too and adored sunflowers. They were always planted where ever she lived and in then when in the nursing home she wanted pictures of them because there was no place to grow them. She ran a tight ship too...everything was neat and tidy and always in it's place. Many wonderful conversations were had while doing the dishes. Thank you for sharing your mom I think I'll go look through my grandmother's box of pictures now. :)

Mrs. Mobunny said...

awww, thank you Mud Boots, Rebecca and PenPen!

Gramaw05 said...

You did a beautiful job of telling a bout your mother. I put it on paper so I could send it to her. She'll be so proud and soo proud of YOU!! Thank you for sending me down memory lane.
Love you dear niece
Aunt Nancy

donna baker said...

Sounds like a fairy tale. What a wonderful role model your Mom was. I remember Spoolies in my hair too. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Donna

Anonymous said...

That was just *beautiful*!
What a lovely tribute to your sweet Mama. Thank you for sharing with your readers. I too, enjoy your writing style. It makes me want more!


As Living Stones said...

A beautiful and creative tribute to you Mother! I stopped by here to see what you've been up to. Miss you on the Shed!

ancient one said...

Great tribute to your mom... I do believe you had a wonderful childhood...

cwmcentire said...

I loved reading this. I don't think I've heard you talk about growing up very much....not enough. Funny how childhoods always seem full of happy memories. I think that's a blessing that God gives us. :)