Monday, November 11

What I bought one day.....

I have always been afraid to buy pineapples because we didn't have any sharp knives.  Well, now we do have sharp knives.  These were two dollars each....recently then went down to $1.50........then last week they were 99cents.  Do you buy pineapple?

When Lydia and I play Yahtzee, we need Sweetarts.  It just helps.  What games were you brought up playing?

These are effective.......and very nice to have.  Lydia got her braces off recently, but I think I will keep buying them.  It's a green and white luxury.

I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.  A Thursday morning at Kroger.  They had all of these Mrs. Meyer's cleaners marked way down.  I got all but a few.  I thought I might leave some so somebunny else could enjoy the low price.  I LOVE Mrs. Meyer's sister got me a bottle of Radish dish washing soap.  It smells peppery.  Lovely.

I am liking empty spray bottles more and more......I have tea-tree oil/water in one, straight vinegar in one, water for ironing and sewing, rubbing alcohol in one..........and  four? other ones have home-made cleaners in them.  One dollar and you're all fixed up.

I used this cut of pasta to make the yummy Pasta Fagioli ala Olive Garden.  I love fun macaroni.  But, I don't think angel hair is fun.  I don't eat the stuff.  I also used many a box of elbow noodles when our kids were little.  Life is too short to use real spaghetti when you have six kids under the age of 14.

I had a coupon for this.  I chose the wrong stuff.  Wish I would have gotten more of the conditioner...instead of shampoo that won't rinse out of my hair.....

When we used to go a'camping with the was fun to see the snacks everbunny brought to hold them over between meals.........that's how I found out about this stuff.  It's just the right mix of chocolate, nuts and cranberries.  I don't care for any other trail mix.......OR granola bars.  Try some.  You don't even have to go camping!

I'm about done trying out random packages of coffee.  I like Chock Full O'Nuts....and Folgers Black Silk.
I don't know why I buy anything else.

Our fan quit. I wrote it on my list.  Box Fan.  The very time we needed one, Wal-Mart was stocking their shelves for school.  I don't know for sure how this is a school need, but it worked for me.  I can't believe I got a purple fan.  It doesn't go with the decor in our bedroom at all.  Oh well.

3cents each.  My gardens have always been on a budget.  I find what I can to plant things in, I buy dollar store seeds, I don't use fertilizer.......only my home-made mulch.........water, sun, red ants.  Nearly free.  I SO enjoy flowers and growing things.  It's a challenge I doubt I will ever tire of.

I'm reading the one on the right........I should have stayed home........just funny stories about trips and vacations and outings.  What are you reading right now?


Humble wife said...

Questions in order~yes, I buy pineapple. When it hits 99 cents I buy all I can and well can it!
As a kid~I played Hearts, Monopoly, Charades, Life, Rummy 500, well more too...and on the schoolbus we played Uno. Continuation Uno! lol
I haven't bought any store cleaners in a few years as I make my own. I was skeptical at first, but now, for pennies my cleaners allow me to have a chemically free clean home! I wrote about it recently on my blog if you scroll back a bit!
As for the middle items...most I have not seen. I don't shop much, but I bet we shop at different stores! lol.
I love buying seeds and then growing so how fun!

But most of all I love your books. I am a nonfiction book fiend. I recently read about the Ukrainian Famine. I love History books of all sorts, but now I am reading about the Feasts in the Bible as the verse in Colossians really hit me. You know the one Col. 2:16-17 which says that the feasts are a shadow(foreshadow) of things to come. I decided wow- I love that I can learn about what is to come from something so simple.

Sorry about my "blogpost" comment. You always have such neat posts that make me smile and make me wish we were neighbors.

Have a lovely week!


Rebecca said...

Gracious, Woman! You are on a roll! It's hard to keep up with you. I want to comment on every little thing, but will just stick to the last question. I'm reading a book about E.B.White and his wife Katharine written by their personal secretary (who is just about as witty as YOU are)! It's an interesting read.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Thanks to both of you, my bloggy friends.

Anonymous said...

I don't like pineapple at all! Never have, don't know why? Remember playing the WaHoo game board and Old Maid? I still have my old maid cards. What scent is all your Mrs. Meyers? I cant see the small print. I got 4 spray bottles from Fuller Brush last week. I love mixing up chemical free stuff too! I am reading a 20 book series of Lauraine Snelling... I like to read books that have the same people throughout and can follow their lives to the end. I hope she comes out with more, cause their end hasn't come yet in this series. lol Love your sister Kristi

Rebecca said...

I DO buy pineapple when it's reduced - generally 40% off, cored already so I can see its color. And I was kind of brought up on Rook.

Where ARE you? I'm waiting for a new post!