Monday, November 4

We parked in downtown ABQ.....
so we could walk the scenic mile to
the old downtown to shop.
Considering it was August, the weather was beautiful.
Good walking weather.
Good thing. 

Just some neat houses along the way.....

I haven't seen a water cooler for years.
I remember my Granny had one in her front room.
I would get in front of it and let
it spit water on me.
We can't have them where I live.
Everything would be dripping.
Even in July.

We shopped and shopped.
Then we ate at a place that was an old mansion.

This little shelf and magazine keeper was in a thrift store.
If I worked with wood,
I would make one just like it.

How about this?
A sun in the wind.
I love these two colors together.

This little area was one of the last places we shopped.
I bought a bar of licorice soap.
I keep it out so I can smell it.
I love black licorice.

I always like to have my picture taken in front
of a Ford Flex.

The walk home.....
yes I was tired.
But it was actually windy and cool.
In the summer.
Hard to wrap my head around that.

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