Monday, November 4

Turquoise Trail

Monday we drove down a nice road called the Turquoise Trail.

We got to see them turn this water-fall display on.
It was fun to see how long it took the water to get to all the areas.
T'would be a nice thing to have in a yard.

This place was named Jezebel's.
Like that was some great honor or something.

Way back on an Indian reservation? there were some
formations in the mountains called
Tent Rocks.

It was quite a trail through all of this.
James and Kimberly went on the taller one....
Lydia and I took the low trail.
The easy one.
It's funny how you can learn so much
in such a short time
about yourself
in a very unexpected place.

Of course, our phones didn't work.
Giant Dead Zone
The girls and I sat on a picnic table waiting for James
to come off of the trail....
and the whole time we were being bit
by flies.
Neat place.
Lydia and I want to go back.

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