Monday, September 23

Vacation Continued.........Sunday

The drive to church was beautiful. On vacation, you should always keep your camera handy.

For you never know what fun things you will see.
Road signs....
or purple sage.

Familiar places have their value,
you know what you're walking in to.
You know how much things are.
You know what to order.
But when you're out of town,
you have to take chances.
This turned out to be an excellent meal.
Wish I could remember what this was
so I can order it again.
Somewhere else.
It was a corn? soup with layers
of corn tortillas hidden in the bowl.
I LOVE shredded lettuce with my Mexican meals.
I wasn't disappointed.

After we ate, we went to a thrift store.
I didn't buy this t-shirt because it wouldn't have fit anybunny.
So I took a picture instead.
We tried to drive to down-town Santa Fe that day....
for the 'art show'....but there were so many people
at the art show, that we couldn't find a place to park.

We drove around, instead.
I spy a:______________!

It's funny, when you go to different states and areas, they all have a theme.
Kansas of course has windmills and sunflowers.
New York has apples.
Florida probably has oranges.
Colorado has mountain things....
Texas has the Alamo and its famous flag.
New Mexico had these sorts of decorations 
all over their highways.

Beautiful skies.
Here we were, in mid-August,
and it wasn't even hot.

Camel Rock.

The picture below is kind of funny.
Almost looks like a little bed and breakfast....
with a pool.
That has no water.

We had a great time with the people at Temple Baptist Church.
Morning and Evening.
They kept their front doors open and only cooled
the auditorium.
During the evening service, three young people came in and sat down
in front of us.
One girl and two guys.
Her hair was ALL messed up and the guys....well,
 they looked kind of rough.
I saw their Bibles....and they weren't English!
Afterward, we learned they were from Holland....
they flew to Chicago,
 rented motorcycles,
 and were driving Route 66
so they could experience America!
The girl was a nurse,
 one worked in construction and the other 
was in the military.
They were headed for California!

After church, we wanted to see Route 66 lit up.
It was raining, so it kind of ruined it....
but I was tickled to see this place.
Griffs is the first place I ever remember
getting a hamburger in the town 
I was born.
When we got hamburgers from there,
we were uptown downtown.
Can you imagine being out of your
mind excited about french-fries?
My sister always ate hers first,
then looked at me with starving eyes.

So ended our Santa Fe, Sunday