Sunday, August 11

Vacation part #1

 On our way Monday morning.

I don't even remember where this was?  I'm sure I got regular....

Always the funny girl....

I see Kansas coming!

Since I've lived in quite a few states and visited lots of others, I've noticed that skies and clouds and storms and rain and lightning and weather is SO different.  Seasons, temps, humidity, plants, animals, birds, trees, flowers, gardens, houses...........they are all so different, but we are all Americans.  Well, most of us.

This clock is my dad's most recent project.  I love to see the things he makes.......he loves to tinker.

I spent most of my growing up years in a little town called Seward.  Dirt streets, wheat harvest, friends down the street, a gas station for pop and sunflower seeds, lots of snow in winter, bikes in the summer, cottonwood trees for swings, rocks to find, streets to walk, mulberry trees, lilacs to smell, cats and dogs, chickens in the back yard, gardens, sprinklers, cousins......and freedom, glorious freedom.

There was a *large* family that lived a couple blocks over from us that lived in a *large* house.  I went in it a couple times as a kid, but the mom surely didn't need MORE kids in the house, so it wasn't too often.
The roof has sprung a leak lately and has ruined some things, but most of the house is in OK condition.  I was invited by the current owner, of which we played with on the tennis courts, to come and look inside.

This piano actually made a pretty sound......after all these years....and little hands pounding on it.

Lots of real wood furniture.  It was beautiful at one time, but now, very used and tired.

The stair banister.

Beautiful wood doors.

The outside.  I am always partial to original *anythings*.......this siding is not......but I'm sure it has helped preserve the house.  It was fun to see it again......sometimes in my mind I can see myself sitting on a huge black leather couch---by a window----when I was just a little girl.  I saw the couch and two chairs that went with it.  I'm sure now it wasn't my imagination.

Seward Avenue.  I love these sandy streets.

My sister tried on an apron I made for her to sell at a market in Yoder, Kansas.

It fit my dad, too.

Some cool things my dad has in his yard. I can't believe how much I am like him when it comes to *decorating*.......

My mom's clothesline that she can't enjoy any more.

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ancient one said...

when I saw your dad's outside stuff, I thought the same as you... you two do decorate alike... and I like the way you do that... enjoy your vacation... it is always fun to visit old houses you remember from childhood.