Friday, August 23

The Diner and a Small Spelling Test

Nob Hill is a place on Highway 66 in ABQ where shopping is easy, everything good for a walker.
This furniture place had old fashion lawn chairs, as you can see.  Fun colors, too.  What you can't see is the sign they had telling the price of the chairs.  I don't remember the prices, even if they were giving them away, we couldn't have taken one.  I do remember this........the sign said: MEDAL Chairs.  Wow.  If I had a store on Highway 66 in ABQ, I would be sure to spell metal right.

This is a famous diner on 66.  The little things you see between the reddish lights are PEZ candy holders.  I am not a fan of those things, but it was kind of neat to see the sets they had.

I got liver and onions.  I wanted to get something different.  It was very good.  How many of *you* would order liver and onions?

I cropped Marilyn Monroe out of the picture......

So my husband orders this $8 banana split with four spoons.

Click on the picture of the menu to see some real food and real prices.

This was outside the diner....looks like my dad's garage!
Yes, we want to go back.  No, we probably won't.


Humble wife said...

All I can think about it the banana split...oh that looks so delicious!

If you ever are near El Paso you are close to the Double Nickel Farm~We are about 3.5 hours from Albuquerque~but I would go on a drive to meet up! There are some things along the way that make that trip lovely.


Mrs. Mobunny said...

Who? is ever near El Paso? We loved the ABQ area! Hope to go again some day and spend more time at the zoo.