Friday, August 16

Saturday on Route 66

We spent Saturday on Route 66 in ABQ
It was a beautiful summer day.
Being closer to the sun did make a difference.
I got a sunburn on my face
and ten days later, it is finally healing.

This is the most horrible, ugliest, terrible building we saw.
Planned Parenthood.
Murder Lodge more like it....

A fun little place to lock your bike up.
There were lots of bikers....lots of them were pedaling uphill, lots of the time.
ABQ and the area would be a bigger challenge
than riding a bike in most Kansas counties.
Or even ours.
Unless you rode in the sand on the beach.

Boy is this ever the truth.

A high fashion store.
I like this word though.

Of course everything was built and decorated differently than what 
we are used to.
Everything was dry, dry, dry.
Shades of brown, brown, brown.
Curvy corners.
Flat roofs.

We were walking past this stop sign
 and a guy on a bicycle pointed something out to us.
A little tree grew right up through the middle of the pole.
I hope they leave it alone.
Don't tell anybunny.

Just a fun motel sign.
We took a drive down Route 66 one night
to see the neon lights, 
but it was rainy.
Rained on our parade it did.

Fun buildings.

I was so tickled to see this *sunshine* building and get a picture.
The next Wednesday it wasn't so sunshiny.
There were a group of people?
waiting outside on the sidewalk for a concert.
Their black clothes took some of the sunshine away.
They need the Lord.


Sue said...

Well, they were people. And some of them may have the Lord. Never can tell.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

If any of them did have the Lord, they were certainly hiding their light under a bushel.