Sunday, August 11

Part Two

A couple of very Kansas things!  Sunflower and cottonwood tree leaf.  I didn't think much of cottonwoods when I was surrounded by them.......when I visit Kansas I love to hear them rustling in the wind.  The leaves are heavy and waxy....and there is nothing like the sweet smell of the trees....and nothing worse than the cotton flying in the summer into your nose, your screen doors and a.c. filters.

I don't know if the streets had names when I was growing up.  We had box numbers for our mail and I liked to get the mail in the mornings when I wasn't in school.  I knew the combination and thought I was pretty neat when I could actually make the little door open.

This would be an easy tag to remember........we are getting tags tomorrow for our new vehicle.  I can't wait to see what they look like.

Telling my dad good-bye.  I do NOT like to tell my dad good-bye.  Not one little bit.

The last look through the screen door at my mom.


Rebecca said...

It's always hard to tell Dad good-bye. I'm quite jealous of your entire KS trip.

Anonymous said...

Oh Michele, I miss you so much everyday! and how it was just the 4of us before we got married and had children. I am thankful for the time that Dad and Mom are still here on earth with us and pray for Dad that we will also see him in heaven too! Love Kristi

caleb said...

I think I need to go back to kansas.