Monday, August 12

#3 Vacation

Here are the two little houses I lived in ..... Kinsley, Kansas.  The one on top was much nicer inside, you just can't tell it now.  It had beautiful hard wood floors, a closet lined with cedar, an arched doorway to the kitchen, an old fashioned sink, old stove and the eating table went by a sunny window.  It had a full unfinished basement that you had to use and outside door for.  This was the last place I lived before I moved to Texas and never came back.....
The house below was not so nice inside, but I'm sure the rent was cheap.  All I can remember about this house is spiders in the sink and tub....and the walls were painted bright but strange colors.  I would have loved to see inside them again.  Just one more time?

I lived in a town called Kinsley and it was the geographical center of the U.S.......

We saw these *windmills?* coming for miles........we also see them on big trucks going really close to our house on the highway........coming off the boats/ships and going to where the wind really blows.

Good-bye Kansas and good-bye little gas station that sold the *fudge* Grandma's cookies.  They are the best and the hardest to find.

Hello New Mexico.  Strange road side stops............I loved to see how each state and county serves those that travel through!

This is probably the neatest picture of a building that I got.....I love the roof, looks like a quilt.

New Mexico skies!  Beautiful!


ancient one said...

I'm enjoying your vacation..

Norma said...

I so enjoy your pics and your words. :) Those houses almost look like the ones on our street. I prefer small cozy homes to big sprawled out ones where everyone in the home is far from one another.