Summer Cleaner

I don't make bread very often.
I use canned corn.
Sometimes frozen.
I buy ground coffee.
I don't make my own noodles or yogurt
But now this.....
was fun.
I actually made a potion before this one and it is now my shower cleaner.
I wanted something that wouldn't put me in the Emergency Room
after I was done cleaning!
It is a mixture of liquid dish washing liquid and vinegar.
It works better than anything I have ever purchased and I don't 
mind breathing the fumes of vinegar!

I didn't really do it to save money........
I did it in hopes that it would clean better than what I was buying....
and be a little easier on my lungs and hands.

Here is the recipe for Summer Cleaner:

5 oz. rubbing alcohol
3 oz. white vinegar
1 tsp. liquid laundry detergent
1 tsp. ammonia
2 drops of oil (lavendar, lemon-grass, violet)
fill bottle to 24 oz. with water


I can't remember where I saw it, but there is actually 
a vinegar made especially for cleaning.
Use white.
What type laundry detergent you use,
and what aromatic oil you have,
of course,
will dictate what it smells like.
I used Anise Oil.
(black licorice)

Mark the bottle well so nobody thinks it's water!
Let me know if you try it,
and you liked it.


Anonymous said…
We have VERY hard water, does your shower cleaner remove that easily? I would LOVE to find something that didn't give off toxic fumes, to clean my shower with!
Mrs. Mobunny said…
We have hard water. The recipe I made with Dawn dish washing liquid and vinegar is working well. I also have a nifty little scrubby pad from the Fuller Brush Store in Great Bend, Kansas.
Anonymous said…
Thanks! I was thinking that I could use this as a daily, after-shower spray to keep the hard water from building up. They sell those shower sprays, but I don't want chemicals sprayed from the shower onto our bodies, so this might work really well.

What are the proportions you used?
Rebecca said…
So, what all have you cleaned/can you clean with it?
I haven't tried it... but I'm going to as soon as my other homemade bathroom cleaner runs out. I'm thinking it might work well for dh's motor oil grime in the shower and sink. I don't necessarily make cleaners to save money either -- though it is a really nice perk -- I mostly make them for convenience and safer around littles. :)
Mrs. Mobunny said…
I have used it for almost everything....from the shower to dog puddles! I like to spray and use it, so it might be helping me clean....a little better!

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