Thursday, June 6

I like to...........

People say all the time that they *like* to do something.  ......I like to ride my bike........I like to sew....I like to camp.....I like to read my Bible......I like to write letters.....I like to grow lettuce...I like to paint......but they never *DO* those things they say they like to do. Well, I do like to get groceries.  I always have.  I like to see new products, try new things, add things up, see what's on sale, go to different stores......and use coupons every once in a while.   I like to see cookies on a shelf, watermelons in a big box on a pallet.  Because I go to different stores, I like to compare prices.  I even write things down in the back of my grocery notebook so I can remember who has the best price on vinegar.  Well, Wal-Mart has the BEST price on this Sleepytime Extra Wellness Tea.  It was over a dollar cheaper there than Kroger.  We actually went to the Celestial Seasonings tea factory? in Colorado with some friends....but that's another story.  

I go to Baywood for meat and vegetables.  HEB for meat and vegetables.  Kroger for most of my needs....and Wal-Mart for the rest.  From now on, Wal-Mart for ALL of my boxed tea!

I saw a potion on Pinterest for a cleaner, but didn't get it pinned.  I think it was Dawn and vinegar, so I bought the ingredients today.  I mixed some up and put it in a new spritzy bottle.  I can't wait to use it.  I'm not going to go so far as to say I *LIKE* to clean though.  I'd rather pull weeds.

I like to buy different shape and sized noodles.  I will even go to Randall's to find the ones I like for macaroni salad.  I don't know what they're really called, but I call them  Beautiful Noodles. I can hardly bear to buy plain elbow macaroni and I never buy angel hair.

I got some really green bananas today.  Have you heard about the man that was SO old he didn't even buy green bananas?

Lydia and I eat cottage cheese, but it has to be this brand from Kroger and small curd.  I eat it with salads and never have learned to like it with fruit.  Nosiree.

I learned to use real cream in my coffee in Alaska.  Everybunny knows that is not a good I buy this instead.  Always get it at Wal-Mart. I like it better in the plastic bottle with purple writing from Kroger....but it costs more.

This little skinny pork chop was from HEB.  There is a shelf of meat at their store that I always check for this to be marked half off.  I like them for breakfast meat and for sandwiches.....

I am going to read up on Potassium........Kroger had buy one get one free but Wal-Mart had a generally better price since I only wanted one.  How do you like my REAL paper plate?  Target for $1.  I LOVE it.  I would have a whole set of these.

May as well get Kraft at Wal-Mart because their store brand is just a few cents behind.  We like to mix this with cream cheese for a fruit dip.

Rule:  ONLY eat croutons with a salad.  Never right out of the bag.

A few years back I said I'd like a pallet of colorful calico fabric........and a pallet of canned milk.  I can still make that statement today.  We use LOTS of canned milk.  I like to get it at Kroger because you don't need a can opener for it.

I'm still smiling!  We have found that the k-cups are a luxury.......the last four boxes I have purchased have been almost 1/2 off their regular price.  I got three boxes at CVS for $3? something each....and today I got two boxes at a VERY good price.  Yes, the boxes were bonked, but it's worth it.

I got three little bottles of Oxydol at our $$ Store for fifty-cents each.  I think I remember my mom using Oxydol tablets? in our washing machine when I was a little kid. I'm pretty sure she let me toss them in the water.  I have used lots of fabric softener.........and this yellow Suavitel is still my very favorite.  I got this at HEB for some reason today.

This box of Snuggle was also marked down at Kroger..........can't you just smell it?  I think I'm going to go wash something so I can use them.

grrrrrrr.  I got this for a dime today at my favorite thrift store........that's all fine and dandy.  Too bad the cd's were missing.  Lydia was all excited about listening to them.  She has always wanted to learn German.

These vitamins were also marked down at Kroger.......just what I needed.  For people like me over the age of 50.  If I take these regularly, my blood/iron count stays high so I can donate blood.

I bought these two cans of beans just in case I wanted to make somewhat of a stew.......ring sausage, cabbage, can of ro-tel tomatoes, and kidney beans.  And maybe a jalapeno pepper.  I try to make my own beans for recipes, but sometimes I need something quick.
Because sometimes I forget I need to make supper.

I would brush my teeth with something other than Colgate, but I would be an UN-happy camper.

I wore my stripey top today.................and my MOM necklace the kids got me years ago.  I love being a mom and buying groceries.  I love to pull weeds, play Angry Birds, drink coffee, listen to the KJV Bible on tape and wear flip-flops.  Do you know how I know?  Because I DO those things.  What do you like to do?


Sara said...

Fred's Dollar Store had foam play swords for a dollar. Wal-Greens had the exact some ones for 3.99. Guess which ones I bought?
I eat cottage cheese with canned peaches and salt and pepper.
I love the real paper plate but I think I still prefer my unreal ones for use.
I only eat croutons on my salads. I promise.
I like the pop tops too on my can milk.
I don't like kidney beans. I do like every other bean.
When you come to see us again bring your own toothpaste. We are Aqua Fresh around here.
I have 2 Mom rings. One from before I lost all my weight and one that fits me now.
I love to read, watch movies, go out with John, play words with friends, visit with my friends, and fix pictures. I do all that stuff.

Michele said...

The pasta you like is called 'Farfalle' here's a link about them:

You always have such FUN posts! I like to clean. I like to vacuum. I like to organize things. Don't really care much for cooking. I LOVE to redecorate my blog. I like taking my dog for a walk, especially when it's chilly outside. And I LOVE to highlight and underline in my KJ Bible as I'm reading. :)

Jersey Mama said...

I've used that Dawn/vinegar cleaning solution in the shower. It worked great on soap scum. Be warned, though, the smell can be overpowering at first!

I love kidney beans. I love half & half in my coffee. I like cottage cheese but not lowfat and never fat-free. Suavitel is my favorite fabric softener too. I buy the blue bottle. Maybe I should try the yellow next.

I like vacuuming, and folding clean laundry, and going for a walk. But I don't like grocery shopping.

Anonymous said...

Oh Michele, you think up some of the most interesting subjects to talk about...I do not like cottage cheese, gag! A lady at church told me to put 3 orange skins and 1 lemon skin in a glass jar with vinegar and set out in the sun. I am not going to do it yet, till I see if hers works! Sorry I do not like coffee and I know you do not like tea, WHAT! WHY are you buying tea? I do my grocery shopping at Aldi's, ever heard of it? It has the Kirkwood brand of food from Missouri.I do shop Dillons cause I add up my fuel points and it really helps, they also carry Ezekiel bread and organic produce. I like to read, put Thomas Kincaid puzzles together since I got my new glasses! Autumn and I go bike riding! Love Kristi

Rebecca said...

Mercy, Lady! You are on a ROLL here! I LIKE it (but couldn't BEGIN to keep up)!

I looks like I like using capital letters and exclamation marks...

Mud Boots and Cotton Dresses said...

I too forget to make dinner especially when I'm doing something I like. My mom used to serve cottage cheese with peaches...nope, not a fan either. I'd much rather have mine with saltines. Blue Suavitel is my favorite. :)