Wednesday, June 26

A frog in my garden...........

I just keep enjoying my flower gardens.
  I have always tried to take care of my frogs by making sure I leave water for them in various containers.  The particular spot this cinder block garden is in........has LOTS of bugs.
Maybe you can tell by how fat my frog is that it eats very well.


I feed Zephyr in the front of the house.....I take Sheba and Bunny out back.
Because of this,
I see lots of things I might not see if we didn't have any critters.

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine......
Flowers, bugs, frogs, vines, seeds, plants, blooms, colors
from God to me in my me a merry heart.


Anonymous said...

He's a cute, very plump, toad! You've made a very nice home for him. :)

ancient one said...

And then you share GOD's gifts with us... I love your gardens too! And your very fat frog!!