Friday, May 24

Yellow Yellow

These are yellow pictures I took today.  I missed a few driving down the flowers and yellow cars....and now our yellow truck isn't here for me to take a picture, but there are plenty others!

My Friday morning yellow flowers.

My $1 water duck.  It's just handy.

Rocks in a yellow pot in a crock.
A ruffly yellow pot.

This is the fabric I used for the retro dress I made.
Size 6.

I think the trees are already thirsty.

I keep this by my cinder block garden to water the little squares with flowers growing in them.

I guess somebody figured wide mouth coffee cups weren't a good idea.
So now we decorate with them.

Anybunny care for a cup of garden water?

I can't for the life of me think of what this is called.
It's kin to Moss Rose.

Anything I can add to my gardens that is yellow, I do.
I have a friend that loves yellow.
I love purple.
We call each other color names.

Here is the plastic lawn chair I just *had* to have.
It's not comfortable and we just move it around in our back yard.
Bad buy.

A spare bubble blower.

Deco in the kitchen.
The pot holder in the back belonged to mom.
I love her stuff.

I bought a purse today for this price.
I'm glad I didn't give much more for it.
I'm not so sure I like it.

I've been told these are the SAME thing as peanut butter Girl Scout Cookies.
I bought these for a snack when we're shopping in Canton next week.
To go with coffee.

I made macaroni salad today.
I bought special noodles from Randall's.
Who wants ELBOW macaroni salad?

This is a pot holder a friend made me.  
My middle name should have been donut.

Fine looking bananas.
I think my people don't eat them so I will
have to make banana bread
banana pancakes.

For the tummy bug.
Buy them and have them on hand.

Hang on my little yellow bunny.

A family went to the Bush factory and bought this for me.
I LOVE hominy.
Always buy a name brand,
never a store brand.
It isn't worth it.

Did you play with farm animals like this when you were young?
How UN-realistic can you get?

Lydia's pillow.

Lydia's tops.

Kimberly's butterflies and flip-flop deco.
Her room is kind of tart.

This little baby sleeping in a flower is hanging in our hallway.
It's all we have to remember the baby we lost.

Gotta have a kleenex box holder.
My granny would agree.
Only hers would have been purple.

I LOVE this lotion.
And yes, we have ants.

Yellow in my skirts.
I love bright colored skirts.

A lovely soft yellow washrag with crocheted edges.

This has Burt's Bees products in it.
Do you like Burt's Bees?
If so, what do you buy and use?

Lydia as a kid in a frame of yellow birds.

These ducks always make me sing:
Brighten The Corner Where You Are!

This is a card a little kid gave my husband.
My husband the bus driver.
It was a thank you note.
Happy Summer.

Lydia drinking from a cup everybunny thinks I stole from a cafeteria or something.

The whole area around my kitchen sink has a yellow feeling.
Curtains from my mom.
Deco from thrift stores.

I wish there were a double layer German Chocolate cake in this.

Life is too short to use faulty pencil sharpeners.

I was in the right place (Bass Pro Shop)
At the right time (when they HAD duck calls)
And had the right amount of $$ (eleven dollars)
I was with my son and his wife for a little ammo buying trip,
when I bought this.
They bought me a Jamba Juice to drink on the way
home so my mouth would freeze up
and I wouldn't call ducks the whole way home.

I got the special noodles for macaroni salad at Randall's.
It is a beautiful store, but was like a ghost town.
At 3 in the afternoon on a Thursday, there was ONE lane open
and only three people checking out.  
Nobody even had a cart.
I bought this nifty little bag.
I bet it will be a million years before it turns into mulch.
oh well

Now I'm seeing yellow things I should have taken a picture of.  
My wonderful Snoopy back-pack.
Our old 1950's pencil sharpener.
And a Kansas sticker on our freezer.
Hope you liked my yellow post.


Sara said...

I love your yellow post! You have the neatest things! I hope I do too when I'm your age.

Rebecca said...

I love Sara's comment. Hahahahahaha.

I was going to say, "Good Grief!"

Here's a funny story for you: A little girl goes to see the doctor. She's got a kernel of corn (yellow) in one nostril, a yellow jelly bean in the other, and a string bean of the yellow variety stuck in her ear. She says to the doctor, "I don't feel good."

The doctor replies, "The problem is clear to me. You're not eating right!"

Michele said...

I agree with Sara, I LOVE this post. You must be the most FUN person, EVER!!!

Little Penpen said...

Yellow is happy! My sis in law (who is really into decorating) told me once, that every room in the house needs a pop of yellow in it. I'm looking around my living room right now and can't find a pop of yellow....hmmm...I'll be looking for something to put there today. Love your post!

Heather McEntire said...

yellow is one of my most favoritest colors ever. Because it's so HAPPY.

Humble wife said...

I haven't done a color post in a while, I need to again. By the way, I believe you inspired me to do so then!!

I am thinking blue or brown or maybe both!!


ancient one said...

I see very little yellow when I look around inside... but outside all of the flowers that GOD planted are yellow. (most People call them weeds)... I'm going to be searching for something yellow for the inside..

Mud Boots and Cotton Dresses said...

Ahhhh, yellow! Where does one get a $1 yellow duck watering can? I think I need one.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Mud Boots.....I'm pretty sure I got the yellow duck at Target in their $1 bin.