Wednesday, May 15

Saving Seeds

I am saving seeds from my's not that I won't have $5 next *seed buying time*, it's just FUN to save seeds.  I like to watch them while they're dying and drying.  In June you can stand by my front gardens and actually HEAR seeds snap-crackle-popping out of their shells.  Blue-bonnets can cast their seeds a yard away from themselves!

If I have an especially pretty Larkspur, I mark the plant with yarn or twistie tie.  Once the flower dies and
goes to seed, it's hard to remember which plant was pure white!

These poppy seeds were just from a packet, but I'm saving them, too.  The little sunflowers come up on their own and are everywhere down here at this time of year.

So far, this Larkspur gets the prize for being the most unusual color.  These seeds will surely go in a special envelope.

The hollyhocks have been blooming for over a month.....and I am just now seeing how to get seeds from them.  They are all in a uniform circle in the spent flower pod..........I will plant them up against a fence next year.

These have been my favorites this year, too.  White tinged with light purple.

Now THIS is the plant I hope to get seeds from!  My curly, dainty, ruffly, double petal, white trimmed poppy!


Mud Boots and Cotton Dresses said...

Such pretty flowers you have... your gardens would be such a happy place to stroll. I can't seem to grow flowers very well. My grandmother's favorite to grow were hollyhocks... all different colors, some single ruffles and some double...beautiful... but she always called them privy flowers. ;)

Pen Pen said...

Tis true: from death springs life. Saving seeds makes us realize just another miracle of God's perfect design!