Saturday, May 11

Pre-Mother's Day Fun

8:00 was pretty early for Kim, but she got up and we left for Pearland.  I don't know how many times we've said that we wanted to go there on a special day or occasion.  LOTS.  Well, today we went.
First we had to put on perfume.  My new Mother's Day perfume. :)

3 kinds of Chole'.  By Coty.  If you haven't smelled it or loved it yet, look for some!

It was rainy and drippy, but it wasn't stormy.  Nice morning for a drive to Pearland.

Coffee at Buc-ees. Yes.

First stop, Bass Pro Shop.  I drove right to it.  Didn't have to turn around once.  My dear husband gave me his gift card he got from a gun purchase so I could get myself a pink Daisy BB gun.

Then we went shopping..........Target, Claire's (where they have awfully big clips.....)....then to eat.

I took pictures of the wall while we were waiting for somebody to realize we were there.  I won't share the story of how long we waited.........because the food was good. I'll just try to forget the delay.

I love shoes like this.  But I'm not paying $30+ dollars for them.

A beautiful purple purse.  Don't you think so?  No.  I didn't buy it. My next purse will be silver, or platinum, or gold.

This little *park* was between the shoe store and Half Price Book store.  It was out in the FULL sun.  NOBODY wants to sit in the blazing sun to rest their tired feet while shopping.  Tired people to go Jamba Juice.

OK.  I like mini-vans.  Especially brown ones.  This one was beautiful.  And no, I didn't get a Jamba Juice.  I have never liked tart smoothy type drinks. I'm holding Kim's drink.  Mango-go-go.

Too bad you can't see the movement of these little things on the dash of this car.

Hurry and drink your coffee so we can get summpin else!

Last, but not husband loading my new pink bb-gun for the first time.
It was a lovely day.  Thanks to Kimberly and my husband.


Rebecca said...

Sounds/looks like a fun day!
Just what does one do with a pink BB gun????

Anonymous said...


Mrs. Mobunny said...

I have targets in our back yard.

Kari said...

Looks like so much fun! Happy Belated Mother's Day! LOVE your new pink BB gun. Happy target practice!

Heather McEntire said...

I love to go to pearland. especially in the rain. and when it's just for fun.