Monday, May 27


My new see through phone.
Not really.
I take pictures on purpose so they can 
be my home screen
and lock screen.
I would never use one
that came with the phone.
I don't download ZEDGE either.
I make my own *ringers*.
Not that I'm a fan of Johnny Cash.......
but I sometimes wake up to him singing:
"the best part of waking up,
is Folger's in your cup!"

This is my newest craft.
I saw it on Pinterest....tried to pin it....our internet crashed,
I went back and couldn't find it.
So I had to just do it on my own.  
I have some work to do.......

I don't buy lots of seeds, but I did buy this white morning glory package
from Lowe's.
I stick seed packages in the cart
while my husband buys glue and boards and electrical things.
He says he sees me do it.
He knows.
The morning glory is on a plant no higher than "6 tall.

I DID fix up the sunflower picture.
I couldn't resist.
The tree behind them is going 
with white flowers.
So much so that the limbs are bending,
some almost to the breaking point.

to plant things........rather forget about them,
and then have them come up and bloom.
We have hard humid summers, very humid.......
but we have an almost 12 month growing season.
Flowers are easy to grow down here in the jungle like weather.

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Sara said...

I love that your flowers are blooming!