Tuesday, March 26

Not So Funny

I remember things. Things like products that used to available.
Like Party Dogs.
They were a cross between animal cookies and a pretzel.
They were wonderful....just a lighthearted salty-sweetness.
Then they didn't make them anymore.
I called Stouffer's to see why they quit making them.
They said it was just a joke on somebody in the company.
It was a short lived product.
Well ha ha ha.

And what about Aruba Jam?  It was better than Sprite.
A little sweeter, just right.
I loved that pop, and they quit making it.
I think I got the last one in Texas, at an old store here in town.

Then there were those Jolly Rancher suckers in *Spanish* flavors.
I can't even remember the flavors now, but they weren't your average sucker.
They were barely sweet and had the little grainy things on them....
and a little bit of a burn.
I called Jolly Rancher.
The company said they just weren't popular enough to keep making.
I guess I didn't buy enough.
I will next time.

It was a lip balm, chap-stix, whatever you want to call it.
It was a cool menthol flavor and went on just right.
Nice.  It's gone from any store I've ever been in for many years....
I guess I'll just use Burt's Bees.

Does anybunny remember Cinnamon Apple jelly?
NOT Apple Cinnamon..........
Smucker's made this jelly when I was a kid and it was red.
I still have an old jar it came in.
Boy! That was good jelly.
Sometimes I find it in those little tiny jars around Christmas.
But not very often.

And 4-Way Nasal Spray.
Go ahead and ha ha ha, me.
If you used it for occasional hay fever and stopped up nose,
and loved it,
and now you can't find it,
you won't laugh.
There are forums on the internet talking about 
being able to find this product anymore.
Of course, I could buy it on E-Bay for 20 times what it should cost
in a store.
Yep, I miss that product, too.

But I don't miss Hostess.
I don't normally eat packaged breakfast junk food.
I buy my donuts at a REAL store.


Rebecca said...

I feel like I must live in a cave! I don't remember most (if any) of those! Now, Hostess I know. Haven't had any for a long, l-o-n-g time, but I DO know Hostess!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

You're probably better off NOT remembering things like this. It isn't much of a comfort to sit and think about fun it would be to eat a Party Dog with Aruba Jam.....