Tuesday, February 12

page 36-37

So, this book I'm reading has a chapter on camping.  The author had what he called a *perceptive* friend tell him about his week-end.  He said he kept hearing himself say these sorts of things....."I can't wait to get to the mountains......I can't wait till camp is set up......I can't wait till the fire is roaring.....I can't wait till the food is ready....Can't wait till we get in our sleeping bags....Can't wait for morning!"

His friend realized he spent the whole camp-out waiting and anticipating for other things to happen.....while losing all the joy of the experience.......it's an attitude of discontentment.

While we may not come out and say it where others can hear it....if we have this attitude, we will miss the day, the hour, the minute that we could be enjoying....enjoying the present.

I can't wait to get there.........why don't we just enjoy the drive?

I can't wait for *pink* blue-bonnets to bloom.....enjoy the blue ones!

I planted some other irises....I can't wait to see if they bloom.  ENjoY the ones that ARE blooming!

I can't wait for it to snow.  Well, this statement might be O.K......

I can't wait for you to grow up.........and they WILL.  Enjoy your little ones.

I can't wait to open presents, I can't wait for Christmas, I can't wait to decorate.....just listen to us.  Enjoy every day in December.

I can't wait for tomorrow..........if you only think and say things like that, you might just miss a beautiful cloudy, moonlit night.

Here's one I'm guilty of.  I might always be guilty of it.....I can't WAIT for Autumn.  I try every year to enjoy October, but just can't.

And here's Sheba,,,,,,waiting on a bigger rug.....but still enjoying the small one.

While I'm not a great lover of poster quotes from the 70's......I still think we ought to enjoy
each minute of each day and not always be *waiting* for something else good that
is surely going to happen.
Remember, your minutes make the days and weeks and months and years
of your life.
Life is a journey, salvation is not.


Rebecca said...

This is a great reminder. And I AM "enjoying the drive" :)

Anonymous said...

Such wisdom in these words.....

Heather McEntire said...

that was a much-needed reminder. thanks.