Friday, February 1

One Day Of Sky

This was ONE day.
The sky was changed 
every time I went outside.
It was easy to see and 
appreciate all the colors and clouds.
But it only happened
because I paid attention.
I was LOOKING to see the pretty pictures
it could make.

If you are having a bad day,
things are stormy,
the waters are rough.....
you have to MAKE yourself see
what you CAN be thankful for.
It's there, if you look for it.
Yes, it takes effort.

Psalm 94:18-10

 When I said, My foot slippeth;
 thy mercy, O Lord
held me up.
 In the multitude of my thoughts within me 
thy comforts
 delight my soul.


Rebecca said...

The skies have caught MY attention, too! Whether California or Indiana....above the clouds or below.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! The pictures, the thoughts, the Scriptures...just everything! :)

kt said...

You are SO right..we have to LOOK...& look UP to see the beauty. We have had some lovely pastel skies here lately too.