Tuesday, February 5


I have slowly gotten rid of some gardens
around the yard that tended to grow
more weeds than flowers....
and cause more work than they were worth.
This particular area should always be 
low maintenance....but fun.

(if you click on the picture, you can see things better)

At the left, you see my buckets.
I use them for all sorts of things,
and it's nice to know where they are when
I need them.
Do you spy a mouse?
The bird-bath was free
on FREE-CYCLE, years ago.
The yellow watering pot is full of rain-water.
See the blue truck?
The boys played with that truck
and I will keep it until
the wheels fall off.
James made me a couple of bird-feeders
from old purple posts and coffee pot parts.
Our first grand-son made the white bird-house.
There are a couple of old bird-cages, 
only good for yard art now....
and a pan of beautiful rocks.
There is a very healthy yellow
purse-lane flower growing in the middle
of a cinder block.
what are the oranges and limes for?
Target practice.


Rebecca said...

Now that is downright inspirational! Unfortunately all our "stuff" is out there buried under a snow-covered tarp. Hope I don't run out of inspiration before the weather turns for the better :)

ancient one said...

I have a junky area that needs a little re-arranging... Wonder if I could get something to look that good?