Saturday, December 8

Winter Party 2012

We have our tree outside this year. 
 It's perfectly shaped and free. 
 Next year we will need a ladder to put lights on it.  

I got this little glass tree at a sale down the street.
There could be a sale in DECEMBER because it was 80 and Spring-like out.
I like crystal and glass decorations.

It snowed right in our doorway.
It's the kind that will last all season.
It's also the kind that won't melt when it's 80 out.

Before the party..............

We first had a devotion about the Proverbs 31 Woman and what we
should REALLY want this time of year.
It IS the *most wonderful time of the year* any time you are obedient to
what the Lord wants from you as a woman.

We had a candle exchange........
we all brought one concealed in wrapping paper and 
went home with a different one!

Then we ate.
And ate.
The food was ALL very party like.
Just perfect.

It was so good to be with our women.
It's always a GOOD day when 
we have fellowship.

I just caught her in a serious moment......
she was really having a great time
holding Mr. Malachi.
I am having a party next year, too.
And I hope it will be chilly.
And I pray all the women will be around....
and do what we do best.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun day of fellowship.

I love your glass tree, so pretty!

Grammie Kim said...

Fun!!! I wish I could've come.

Your little glass tree IS pretty. I don't think to get that kind of stuff. :( I'm glad you do. It makes me miss you...

I think it is fantastic that you tree outdoors is perfect for lights. Good idea!

What flavor of candle did you end up with??? I visited a co-worker who was helping me with a little project, and she GAVE me a Yankee candle in "Christmas Cookie" scent. :) One of my favorites. Ahhhh!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I got a fresh scent....Winter Flowers? I just don't like vanilla or cinnamon........anything except those two would have been fine with me. There is a black licorice candle at Kohl's I'm thinking about getting...nobody will fight me for THAT one!
I don't buy very many holiday decorations....but I think my little tree is a keeper.

Rebecca said...

What a great idea - candle exchange!