Friday, December 14

Wafer Dip

This was good.
After the winter party,
a few women asked if they could take
some of this home with them.

1 large can un-drained crushed pineapple
1 container cool-whip
1 instant pudding mix
(I used coconut....but had banana and cheesecake)

mix together and chill
use with Vanilla Wafers

I'm not much on recipes, but when I find
what we call a 
I think everybunny should know.

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Sounds a lot like the pistachio salad I've made a couple of times lately. (Just add some mini-marshmellows & walnuts if you want and serve as dessert/salad.)

I WILL try this as wafer dip. It sounds delicious! (Or I might get lazy and layer wafers in it - as in banana dessert).