Tuesday, December 4

December in Freeport

Well, color has come to our area.
In December.
I can't say I've been
enjoying the weather.
It's been Spring-Like....
which means it's been warm,
and in the 80's
and the air conditioner is on.

I've been busy.
Evidently too busy to blog.
I just can't understand anybunny ever being bored.
The days are packed
there's treasure everywhere.

What have you been doing?


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wish I could be bored. :)LOL! But there is much to do for my dear Lord.
It's warm in Georgia too. The high today was 75.
Have a great day!

Grammie Kim said...

I have been fighting cold temperatures...and trying to make a few things for Christmas. That isn't going as well as it should.
Sorry you didn't have cooler temps yet.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

It's chilly NOW.