Monday, December 31

December 31

Ask me if we've had a warm winter so far.....

I decided to not *touch up* these pictures.  I guess they are pretty without my nifty little picture program.

A blooming aloe vera....actually three, but only one got in the picture.

A little bit of lettuce.  I read a book......the first chapter was: write a letter.  The second was: plant lettuce.
I wish I could find it to see what I should do next.

Now THIS is strange.  A PINK-bonnet in December.  It's almost a foot tall.

Might as well have a blue one, too. As you see, the zinnia plant next to it needs to be pulled.  They are tired and done with trying to bloom.

My favorite wildflower!!  Henbit.  Got some growing in a pot.

This is the under side of what was supposed to be a black hollyhock...........I don't know if it will make it through a possible freeze?

The upper side of the hollyhock......I don't think it is supposed to look like this.......

Got me a few tomatoes growing.  I pick them and give them away.

Last, but not least, a larkspur getting an early start on Spring.  I LOVE to see what colors they turn out to be.  Yes, we have HOT HUMID summers.  LONG summers, but we have beautiful winters!


Anonymous said...

all your lovely flowers! you have so many different kinds and you know what they are. i only know what roses and marigolds and moss rose looks like. Love Kristi

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I took seeds from mom's marigold plants and I have some growing. :)

Rebecca said...

How's that lettuce coming along? Did you ever figure out what to do next?

I sure do miss you, MO! Hope everything is OK. ♥R

Mrs. Mobunny said...

1. Write letters 2. Grow Lettuce 3. Sing Songs