Friday, December 14

#3 Biscuits

I call them #3 Biscuits because there are only THREE ingredients.  

self rising flour

1 cup milk
2 cups self rising flour
2 huge spoonfuls of mayo

Mix dough on a floured cookie sheet
and then form into a rectangle.
Don't make the rectangle too big....
you don't want the biscuits to be thin.
Cut into appox. 8 pieces and sort of
separate them before baking.
425 until browned just a little!

add jelly


Jersey Mama said...

I just discovered this recipe not long ago! but I drop mine by spoonfuls. Sometimes I add shredded cheese. Yum.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I found it on your blog........I am getting rid of the other recipes I have for biscuits. These are GREAT.