Sunday, November 11

the day Hanna came over

Aunt Kimberly decided it would be fun to have Hannah for a day.  It was fun.  She got a Happy Meal and shared french fries with everybody.  Except Bunny.  She was careful to not drop any.


Aunt Nina danced with her for a bit.  She had quite a day.  She looked at Calvin and Hobbs books, rocked, played with a bus for 19 seconds, went to the church, took a nice nap, had macaroni for supper and animal cookies for a snack. She also drank water out of a t-rex kid cup.

Yes, I let her write in books with a pencil.  It just seems like more fun than plain white paper.
(Aunt Kimberly straightened her hair....I think it changed the way she acted.)


Heather McEntire said...

playing with a bus for 19 seconds is part of her M.O. And writing with a pencil IN A BOOK probably made her little day.

Grammie Kim said...

I like her curls...put them back! ;)